CONNECT with your host - LIVE or ONLINE. Go to: JINDO.LIVE - press PLAY.


Join a GAME session and enter your player NAME.


LISTEN to the music - click the square if you know the SONG.


When you have a JINDO - click the center JINDO square!


How do I get the BEST Jindo experience?

Using two devices will give you the best Jindo experience:

1. A computer, or tablet, to pull up the Zoom meeting - this way you can listen to the music and see the host

2. A smartphone, or extra tablet, to see your unique Jindo Card

What if I only have my Phone or Tablet to play Jindo?

It’s all good! The only bummer is that you won’t be able to see the host or other players because the Zoom meeting and Jindo Card can’t be up at the same time.

We’re working on streaming everything from inside of Jindo. Until, then you gotta deal with it. ;)

Can I play Jindo from any Phone or Tablet?

Yep. But, devices older than 4yrs old might get a little wonky.

Can I play Jindo from any PC or Mac computer?

For sure. Pull up the Zoom meeting in one browser and pull up your Jindo Card in another browser. Until the mobile app is ready, this method provides the best mix of audio/video and gameplay

What is the best web browser to play Jindo?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

Is Jindo only available virtually or can I also play at live/in-person events?

Jindo was developed for ALL types of events - live and virtual. It’s great for both! Contact us to find a host for a liv e event in y our area.

How many people can play Jindo?

Live/In-Person - there’s no limit to the number of players. Virtually - we can host up to 500 Zoom attendees. Each attendee can have multiple people in the room Jindo Jammin’ together. So, call over your peeps and get the party rockin’! Our long term goal is to get rid of Zoom (no offense!) and have the entire Jindo Jam - host, players, music, cards, etc. - in Jindo.

Is the Music Family Friendly?

The songs are radio-friendly, cut to the most recognizable part of the track.

When can I play Jindo?

Right now, you can book private games from our website. We are launching weekly, pay-to-play games soon!

If I win Jindo, do I get a prize?

YEP!! We provide a $5 gift card to the winner of each Jindo Jam and encourage you to supply additional prizes.